Guidance for use and points to note

Request for estimate

  • We receive reservations and estimation requests for a chartered bus and a tour taxi by internet (24 hours) and telephone.
  • The estimate is free of charge. Member registrations are also free.
  • When making reservations, it is necessary to have a member registration. Registration and annual fees are not charged.
  • We respond to estimate requests, reservations and questions received by 17:00 (week days) and 16:00 (weekends and holidays) on the same day.
  • We respond to estimate requests, reservations and questions received after 17:00 (week days) and 16:00 (weekends and holidays) on the following business day.
Estimate requests are received during 24 hours. Estimates are easily made by Web.

Responses to estimate requests and reservation applications (member registration)


  • After making a reservation, please make sure to check the content of the confirmation mail.
  • Only in case reservations are received by phone, we mail or fax reservation confirmation and the bill.


  • A car fare can be paid in advance by bank transfer, credit card, convenience store settlement and bank ATMs.
  • Reservations will be confirmed by your receiving a “reservation confirmation mail” sent from us.
    A car fare is required to be paid in advance, therefore if we cannot confirm the payment by the operation time of the day, car arrangement may not be made.
  • You are requested to make a cash payment for parking charges, transfer fees, crews’ hotel charges, ferry charges and extension fees, etc. that happen in local areas.
  • You are requested to pay at least 21 days before the date of use (in the case of more than two-day use, the day count starts from the first day) by bank transfer, credit card, convenience store settlement or bank ATMs.
    *This rule is not applicable in case weekends and holidays are included in the day from which a period is reckoned.
  • When reservations are made within 21 days of the operation, we will determine the deadline for the payment.
Convenience store settlement (online)
Settlement at convenience stores is possible for “Tabi no Ashi”. Usable convenience stores are as follows.


As for credit settlement
Credit card settlement is possible for “Tabi no Ashi”. Usable credit cards are as follows.


As for bank transfer

[ Client name ]
Member’s number + member’s name
[ Payee ]
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Shibuya Branch, Ordinary account 8215465
Cab Station Co.,Ltd.
* Please kindly bear the bank remitting charges concerned with you.

As for ATMs (Pay-easy)
Payments can be made by ATMs (Pay-easy) of the following banks.

“Mizuho Bank”, “Risona Bank”, “Saitama Risona Bank”, “Mitsui Sumitomo Bank”, “JP Bank”, Chiba Bank”
>For details, please refer to here.

Final confirmation

  • As the operation day approaches, we will contact you to make a final consultation regarding time, number of participants, itineraries, etc.

Have a pleasant travel! See you later!

Important points to note

Cancellation charges

Handling fees will be charged as follows for the cancellation of a chartered bus, tour taxis and our other services after reservation.
In case payment has already been made, the amount after the deduction of handling charges will be returned to your designated bank account.
However, please note in advance that transfer fees should be paid by customers.

  14~8days before 7~2days before Previous day On the day of the operation
Small and medium- sized taxis 20% 30% 50% 100%
Jumbo taxis 20% 30% 50% 100%
Chartered buses 30% 50% 80% 100%

Points to be strictly observed, important points to note

Fees and operation hours of chartered buses are subject to laws.
Please do not make too much demand and request to operating companies by placing too high a priority on fees.
Please enjoy a more comfortable bus tour by observing rules and manners!

  • Demand for too much discount
  • To make a request to bus companies outside their operation areas
  • Total hours spent at work of a driver surpass 13 hours a day.

Important points to note when chartering a bus

Here is the final summary of necessary points for organizers.
Make sure to check the following points in advance so that you do not panic as the day approaches.

Securing parking places for the bus
Chartered buses are not allowed to park on the road for a long period.
Therefore, when appointing the waiting place for the bus, please make sure to select a place that is not in the way of other cars.
Also, please offer a precise map to the bus company when appointing parking places in sightseeing and inspection areas.
Punctuality is a must.
Meeting time on the day should be carefully decided so that participants could have enough time to prepare. There may happen a case when we ask for waiting charges and/or itinerary changes due to participants’ late arrival.
Do not stand and walk while the bus is moving. Fasten seat belt.
Seat belt must be fastened in a chartered bus. Especially, please do not change seats, nor stand and walk while the bus is moving on the expressway. As patrol cars are often waiting at toll gates, please hand expressway tolls to the driver in advance, or make a settlement later.
It is possible to drink and eat in a bus, however please make sure to dispose of garbage on your own or bring them back home.
Cancellations and itinerary changes due to weather conditions are not allowed.
Cancellations are not allowed due to rain. Please note that cancellation fees will be charged when a cancellation happens.
Neither additions to the itinerary nor changes in the stopover times are not possible on the day.
Please inform the bus company in advance if the itinerary is changed due to rain.
Please make travel plans in line with the operation standard for chartered buses in order to enjoy safe travelling.
The operation standards are provided in the Labor Standards Acts which include total hours spent at work, break time, etc. in order to prevent drivers’ excessive labor and travel safely.  We would like to ask customers to understand these operation standards and cooperate with us when preparing travel plans.

Estimate requests are received during 24 hours. Estimates are easily made by Web.


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